Off the Highway – 100 Paintings in 100 Days

August 12, 2009

Day 98 Off the Highway – Landscapes from Nebraska and Labrador: “Shady Bend” and “Fireweed”

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Day 98 - Scarborough - Shady Bend

Day 98  Patricia Scarborough – Nebraska: Shady Bend – Oil  on board 5″ x 7″ – August 2009  

–  The sun is barely able to penetrate the thick foliage of the tree canopy that rises above this dusty dirt road.  It’s so quiet and serene you’d never know you were just a mile or two away from Highway 41.  –


This painting is available for sale. For purchasing information, visit: Patricia Scarborough’s Off the Highway web page.


Day 98 - Penney - Fireweed

Day 98 – Mavis Penney – Labrador:  Fireweed  – Oil on canvas  5″ x 7″ – August 2009

– Fireweed, a tall, vigorous plant with magenta pink flowers, gets its name from its ability to re-grow quickly in burnt-over areas.

Fireweed is used around the world as a medicinal herb for its anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, and as a tea. Young

fireweed leaves and shoots are edible, and fireweed honey is a particular treat for folks with a sweet tooth.  –

This painting is available for sale.  For purchasing information, visit:  Mavis Penney’s studio website. 

We assume that we understand what’s “Off the Highway,” but… do we really?  


All images © Mavis Penney 2009, or © Patricia Scarborough 2009. All rights reserved.




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