Off the Highway – 100 Paintings in 100 Days

August 13, 2009

Day 99 Off the Highway – Landscapes from Nebraska and Labrador: “Turkey Creek” and “Muskrat Falls”

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Day 99 - Scarborough - Turkey Creek

Day 99  Patricia Scarborough – Nebraska: Turkey Creek – Oil  on board 5″ x 7″ – August 2009  

–  This is one of my favorite “hidden” places.  It’s just off the bridge coming into town off Highway 81.  Actually, it’s a backwater from the creek, full of algae and muck.  When the sun hits it though. the water sparkles and gleams as though it were a clear mountain stream.  –


This painting is available for sale. For purchasing information, visit: Patricia Scarborough’s Off the Highway web page.



Day 99 - Penney - Muskrat Falls

Day 99 – Mavis Penney – Labrador:  Muskrat Falls  – Oil on canvas  5″ x 7″ – August 2009

– Muskrat Falls is an impressive natural 50 foot waterfall on the lower Churchill River. The hydro power potential of Muskrat Falls was

recognized more than a hundred years ago when investors proposed constructing a dam and paper mill there. It wasn’t built, but the

hydro potential of the site remains under review today in a controversial  plan for electric power development.  –

This painting is available for sale.  For purchasing information, visit:  Mavis Penney’s studio website. 

We assume that we understand what’s “Off the Highway,” but… do we really?  


All images © Mavis Penney 2009, or © Patricia Scarborough 2009. All rights reserved.




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